What is Noodle?

What is Noodle?

Noodle is a staple food popularised by Asian countries particularly China. Noodle is made from flour and egg which is formed into a dough, rolled flat and cut into shapes. Long thin shape is the most common shape, but some are cut into tubes, shells, helices, strings or just folded over.

Noodles are often cooked over boiled water with salt, but some are cooked using deep-fry and stir-fry method. Noodles are sometimes refrigerated as there are menus that require this process and some noodles are being served cold.

Noodles can be stored and preserved for a short period of time, but most homemade noodles are cooked right away because it dries very fast.

There are different types of noodles, the most common type is egg noodles. The most popular type in Southeast Asia is the wheat noodles which is made from wheat and eggs. Rice noodles is also popular especially in Japan, it is made from rice and egg.

Several names has been given to a particular type of noodles including mung bean vermicelli, hokkien egg noodles, shanghai noodles, soba noodles, ramen, somen, udon.

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