History of Noodles

History of Noodles

Noodles are first introduced in Japan particularly in Hokkaido where Chinese-style noodles are very popular. Many believed that it symbolizes longevity because of it's long, chewy appearance. In China, noodles are being served in most birthdays instead of a birthday cake.

It has been known that noodles was introduced by Marco Polo in 13th century. Recently in China, archeologists discovered a container that contains yellow noodles which is believed to be around 4000 years old. Noodles are then considered as the oldest prepared food that still exists until present time.

Noodle Making

Today noodles are considered a staple food enjoyed by many people in different countries all over the world.

Noodles have become more popular and many countries are trying to create their noodles a different way. Thousands of noodle recipes from all over the world are being published in the internet and other social medias.


Different types of noodles are being introduced in the market. Wide range of ingredients have been used in creating great tasting noodles. Making noodles on your own is quite easy these days, you can create a homemade fresh noodles in few easy steps. Noodles shave become part of everyone's lives as it is always served in most occasions.

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