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How to Make Homemade Noodles

Making noodles at home can be easy, just follow these simple steps and turn that dough into a great tasting noodles!

Noodles basically have two main ingredients, flour and water. Start by making the dough first, it is simple and easy.

Here's a guide:

Once your dough is ready, you may now start to make noodles.

Kneading the dough

Step 1: Spread the flat surface with all purpose flour to prevent sticking.

Step 2: Place the dough in the floured surface, gently flatten it. Make sure to flatten it evenly.

Step 3: Dust the pasta machine with flour (all purpose) to prevent the dough from sticking when it is being rolled out.

Step 4: Bring the pasta machine setting to high and place the end of the dough between the rollers.

Flatten the dough

Step 5: The length of dough will increase dramatically after going through the rollers. To manage the dough, add some flour and fold it on top of itself.

Step 6: Adjust the rollers by making it more closer together then run the dough again and again until it has reached your desired thickness.

Feeding the dough in the pasta machine

Step 7: When you have achieved the thickness you want for your noodles, allow it to rest for a while. But do not let it set for too long as it dry too fast.

Step 8: Cut the dough into sheets of your desired lengths by having it to go through the cutters. Dust it with flour as the cut edges of the noodles might stick with each other.

Cutting the dough

Step 9: If pasta machine is not available, hand-made noodles can be achieved with so much patience. You may use rolling pin to roll the dough into thin sheets and you may cut the sheets manually using a knife.

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